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Background Information

Jorge Andres Steinmetz, also known as George Steinmetz, was born in the beautiful City of Buenos Aires in Argentina in 1943 and carries the seventy-six years of life experience as a badge of honour while professing to feeling much younger. 

After completing secondary school, Jorge set off for University, which in Argentina is tuition free, where Jorge followed the my desire to help people with problematic situations and thus the choice of law as a career path.

Afterward, due to the politics and the economy of Argentina, Jorge's family decided to immigrate to Canada.  On September 19, 1965, Jorge arrived in Toronto and settled in the City of Brampton, which was a small town back then. 

Troubling, when Jorge arrived and tried to enrol in law school here in Ontario, it was discovered that accommodations were lacking due to a lack of recognized equivalencies for law school in Argentina.  Facing a difficult situation, Jorge enrolled at York University for what was then called the “Michigan Test in English Proficiency”.  Jorge was lucky in holding good English skills due to an Argentinian secondary school mandate requiring either courses in English or French as a second language for the entire five years at a rate of two classes per week.  Jorge had chosen English.

Following a three decades career in computer programming, among other things, Jorge received a retraining opportunity for paralegal studies and following successful completion of the paralegal studies, including an internship period, in June 2001, Jorge set out as a sole-practitioner providing legal services that currently continues today - some nineteen years later.

Jorge holds a strong belief that people have inherent rights to life, liberty, and to receive fair treatment from other individuals as well as the government.  This belief spurns the drive to fight for what people deserve and to ensure what is mutually fair and just.  Jorge focuses on helping people in the face of adversity, whether such adversity is a personal life, work life, or business world, challenge.  jorge especially enjoys challenging and difficult legal cases that others will lesser will may shy away from.  Ultimately, Jorge is motivated by the firm belief that truth and the law always prevail.


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