Traffic Tickets have a serious impact on your driver's licence and directly affect your insurance rates. 

Being represented at Court by someone who is familiar with Court proceedings and who knows the legislation in all its detail provides you with a great advantage because there are many factors that can affect the outcome of the Court proceedings.

The professional service of an experienced Paralegal in Court will provide you substantial savings in your insurance rates and can avoid the suspension of your driving privileges. And you do not have to go to Court in most cases!.

Even the saving of just one Demerit Point can signify a substantial decrease on your insurance rates so it pays to fight the ticket instead of paying it straight away.

I have an extensive experience in the area of Traffic Tickets and I will defend your best interests in any Court in the Province of Ontario and in most Courts in the United States of America through an extensive network of Licensd Paralegals and Attorneys who specialize in this area of law.

My fees are reasonable and affordable and provide an easy form of payment through the use of the secure services of Pay Pal.  Send your FREE CONSULTATION today!